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  • Proposing marriage is an art.. asking your partner to marry you is one of the biggest threats of life.

    Let's help you create a flawless marriage proposal..

    Should you do it on your knee ? Should it be an intimate experience?  should it be a larger than life Grand experience ?Should it be a simple elegant proposal ?  should it be like they do it the movies?

    Te amo Garden is beautiful air conditioned 🏡 Garden, with beautiful handmade lacy Canopy with soft round floor bed, peacock chandelier, Ivory Rose cushions & Fur.

    Instagrammable decorations are done besides the canopy in the garden with backdrop of Bougainvillea 🌸 Tree 🎄

    Pastel balloon Tower,  colorful Lanterna,  Ivory love balloon stand, personalised board message, unique Brass candle holders, colorful cushions, and other thoughtful decorations customised as per wedding 👰💍🤵💒 Proposal is perfect for you to pop the question to your partner.

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